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My mom was offended

(via punks182)


5sos respond to haters: "whos this ashton guy from 5 seconds of summer all the girls from my uni are banging on about him he looks like an asshole!" +

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch him now, here he comes

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The Kill ~ 30 Seconds To Mars

Come break me down
Bury me, bury me
I am finished with you
Look in my eyes
You’re killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

zodiac bitches


aries: angry bitch
taurus: hungry bitch
gemini: loud bitch
cancer: weird bitch
leo: bITCH
virgo: quiet bitch
libra: indecisive bitch
scorpio: bitchy bitch
sagittarius: funny bitch
capricorn: ambitious bitch
aquarius: crazy bitch
pisces: sensitive bitch

(via punks182)

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